Deal Hudson. Is this as good as it gets?
(04-21-2010, 10:23 AM)ggreg Wrote:

What is the opinion of the forum readers on lay Catholic leaders representing the Church in the political sphere.

Deal Hudson's latest writings...
.What's your opinion?  Where does one strike the balance?

My balance is struck by avoiding anyone's latest writings.  As far as I'm concerned, it's all been written already... there is nothing new under the sun (nothing significant, anyway).

I don't "get" the appeal.  I don't feel the compulsion.  Is it mere supply & demand for entertainment?; i.e., self-appointed theologian/apologist/whatever supplies entertainment for those who subscribe to the "new is better...old stuff is outdated" point of view?

Why the urge to read these folks' writings?  Heck, I have yet to even see anything on ETWN (never having/desiring cable/satellite TV), so I am always  ???  when folks start talking about this Catholic celebrity or that.  My lack of familiarity leads to looks of astonishment that are quite amusing to me.  "What??? You don't know Fr. So-and-So?"

Of course, this is followed by:  "He looks just like Yoda." 

OK, whatever...   ::)

But back to these authors... This year's poster boy of convert-to-Traditionalism becomes next year's pariah because he has "gone sede."  Or some other fellow is described to me as a "moonbat" for his promoting of geocentrism; but then said-moonbat suddenly becomes the hero of the anti-Trad camp because he was critical of the SSPX.  And then another seems to have cornered a certain sizeable segment of this (seemingly) entertainment-seeking crowd... but can wield enough influence to lead the groupies astray with new and/or weird/wrong notions (How'za'bout a feminine component to the Holy Trinity, eh?), presumably to continue hocking his wares?

Again... I don't get it.

The only authors I read are "dead guys."  If I'm going to read something, it'll be the writings of a Church Doctor, one of the Saints (or the lives thereof), an encyclical or other papal document, the Bible, an older-than-me Catechism, etc.  YMMV...

So this guy's first name is... Deal?  Really?   ???


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