I seem to be fascinated with Satanism
(04-22-2010, 12:28 PM)JayneK Wrote:
(04-22-2010, 01:02 AM)Baskerville Wrote: Here's where I will probably get hammered by some but you MUST talk to a TRADITIONAL Priest ASAP most of the NO Priests that I have talked with dont even believe in the devil. Go find a trad Priest I dont care if he is SSPX SSPV CMRI Indi whatever but go talk to one and tell him this is happening and ask him what to do.
That's probably true where you live but not necessarily so everywhere.  The OP definitely needs to talk to a trustworthy priest and he will need to use his judgment about that that means in his situation.

The problem with the Novus Ordo, as usual, is its "crap-shoot" nature.  You have to go digging for a "good priest" and a Mass that doesn't have altar girls, balloons and guitars, women reading in Church, EEMs etc., and even then it is still a sacrilege.  With Traditionalists (SSPX etc.), you will be basically assured of the priest's orthodoxy.  Yes, he will actually believe in hell and the devil.

To answer your question - first off, you are most definately not possessed.  Most people misunderstand this term.  To be pocessed by a demon is to be fully POSSESSED, with no control.  This is a VERY rare thing, accompanied by very specific signs, called "signs of possession."  BUT, we all are afflicted and attacked by demons.  This sounds like a harsh attack, a terrible tempation.  All you can do is pray, see a Traditional priest (non N.O.) and quit doing those things that satisfy this urge.  I had a VERY potent demonic attack(s) around the time of my conversion, and it scared me to death!  Only God can help you.

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