Uproar against Berlusconi receiving Holy Communion
It's a good thing that Italians can still be scandalized by such things.  Berlusconi was already refused Holy Communion by Benedict and there has been a chill in relations between his government and the Vatican.

Moreover, telling the Pope how to run his show is no way to get clemency or a blind eye when he engages in a serious malpractice the Catholic Faith.

If he wants to received Holy Communion, he needs to square his situation away.  He hasn't given any indication that's what he's going to do, on the contrary, he's been pushing hard to be excused, and leaking nasty stories in the press about the Church. 

He's just going to have to come to Canossa in his bare feet....

It's nice to play Santa Claus with other people's sanctifying grace, but in reality it's just as presumptuous as assuming someone is not, but Berlusconi needs to make some public admissions of his penitence before many Italians will be willing to cut him some slack on this.  I predict more media coverage of this.

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