Uproar against Berlusconi receiving Holy Communion
(04-22-2010, 04:03 PM)maso Wrote: Of course Berlusconi was and probably will be again an object of scandal bcs even if he is currently repenting, he is weak as we ourselves are and will fall again in sin.
But he has my sympathy bcs he is an fierce anti-commie, he fights abortion and euthanasia, he doesn't support the homosexuality and he hates the politically speakers. I remember that he recently challenged an European ruling forbidding the crucifixes in the public places and schools.
We Catholics are a bit hypocrites. In fact Berlusconi's scandal may be well compared to that of Louis XIV and his many mistresses. The fact didn't  hinder that Louis XIV was surnamed by the actual Pope: "Le Roi très Chrétien".
On the end of his life Louis was admonished by his spiritual director, he repented and led a pious and austere  life under the oversight of his new wife (legitime marriage since he was widow)  Mrs de Maintenon.
Let's pray that Berlusconi will end in the same way.

The entire P-2 scandal with the Banco Ambrosiano is something with which he was implicated.  It was something conceived and executed to keep the communists in Italy from gaining power and building a government.

Wordly princes not holding completely to Catholic moral teaching is nothing new, but the fact is that Berlusconi hasn't apologized for his past behavior, he's asked instead for a pass.

His being a public figure as well as someone who derives considerable political benefit from his alliance to the Catholic Church should elicit a public statmeent of some sort to defray the hostillity so many Italians feel at his hypocrisy, something they've grown accustomed to seeing from him in the past.

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