Pastor Melissa
Has anyone had the opportunity to catch her message?

I happened to wake early one morning and she happened to be on the Television. I liked what she was saying. So I wound up copying down her Web address. Anyway as I goggled the address a "ton" of nonsense came about her. Don't know if its all just rumors or part truth. At any rate I felt her message to be very interesting. Especially since she had the ability to translate the Bible in its original text into Engish. Thus she would elaborate in depth about the actual meanings and what she felt was briefly touched upon by the King James version.

Aside from the translation aspect. her message in itself I felt to be quite interesting.  I don't believe in coincidence, thus I felt strongly that she happened to be on when I woke. Especially since my actual interest today is in correct Translation.  Really caught me off guard. But then I shouldn't be so surprized of the workings of God, Jesus and the Blessed Mother. The continue to Amaze Me. This aspect of the message in is Great Need. And their is much to little happening.  Also I was asked for nothing, no donations, no Rosarys or any other relgious material for sale on the TV Show. Which is another aspect which caught my attention.  ;D

Is anyone familiar and what are your thoughts?

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