Catholic website publishes photos of the authentic third secret of Fatima
Don't you find there are more and more of these weird otherworldly messages, prophets, apparitions (like Duke Punta-whatever, this nonsense about Portugal, Medjugorje) etc. that have in common a rejection of some aspect of Catholic hierarchy? Pedro is basically saying the pope doesn't matter anymore. Duke was saying there would be a pope-antichrist, Medju says the Muslims have the truth like you and me, and they ignore the only authority competent to judge the supernatural character of the phenomenon. . . I think the dogmas and structure of the Catholic Church is being attacked on many fronts all at once right now. And I find so many people are gullible in different ways whenit comes to this. Look at the Duke guy. He obviously had heretical ideas, but he made some predictions about war. The sad thing is that he may very well have been right in his predictions and still remain wrong as ever in his heretical ideas. If in 68 weeks Rome gets nuked, all it means is that Rome got nuked. Popes live and die like the rest of us. But a piece of brick mailed to Portugal doth not a conclave make. One of these days, some apparition secret is going to come true, or some prophet is going to get his prophecy right, but it could be by satanic assistance or by fluke. Statistically, one of them has to hit the mark sooner or later! And confused Catholics are going to flock to these people like idiot sheep. Sad. Doctrine, serious knowledge of our faith and especially of the Church itself needs to be imparted to the peopleif they are to have any defence against this nuttery.

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