Why do you think philosophy is so unpopular here?
As usual, it becomes good to refer to Plato for all other philosophy is just a footnote to him.

"Plato - Theaetetus" Wrote:  Theaet. Yes, Socrates, and I am amazed when I think of them; by
the Gods I am! and I want to know what on earth they mean; and there
are times when my head quite swims with the contemplation of them.

  Soc. I see, my dear Theaetetus, that Theodorus had a true insight
into your nature when he said that you were a philosopher, for
wonder is the feeling of a philosopher, and philosophy begins in
He was not a bad genealogist who said that Iris (the messenger
of heaven) is the child of Thaumas (wonder). But do you begin to see
what is the explanation of this perplexity on the hypothesis which
we attribute to Protagoras?

Philosophy begins in wonder; most people don't wonder - they blindly accept or wonder about mundane things.

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