Need help in understanding this,Can someone help? (no.this is NOT Rhetorical)
It is binding in so much as it is required by a Pope's authority.  It has no authority of its own, since it explicitly stated that it was NOT binding on the Church.  As long as the Pope orders its implementation,  then it is binding due to the Papal authority.  However, a Pope can't command you to sin.

I'll give you a concrete example.  According to Vat. II, the Mass is to be "constructed" by the regional authority, which is the local bishop, who usually delegates it to a lesbian Diocesan Liturgical Director.  And this is with Vatican approval.  This is Vat. II.  Legally it is binding.  If it is sinful, then morally it is not binding.

Furthermore, this is all moot.  The Council WAS implemented.  That is where the massive wreckage has come from.  At this point the only real question is when will we roll it back and put the documents of Vat. II on the Index of Forbidden Books.

"Pastorally Binding" is a useful phrase actually.  Belief in the Resurrection of Our Glorious Lord Jesus is binding.  Period.  However, a Pope can very easily announce he is scrapping the whole "territorial authority" schema for the Liturgy tomorrow.  And there would be nothing wrong with that as it is not binding on the Church, nor is it somehow infallible.

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