Jesuits strike again: From the Bowels of America Magazine

May 20, 2010

'Within the bowels of America Magazine...'

By Matt C. Abbott

In a recent blog post on the website of the Jesuit magazine America, Father James Martin, S.J., writes:

Pope Benedict XVI's comments last week in Fatima, Portugal, in which he stated that abortion and same-sex marriage were 'some of today's most insidious and dangerous threats' to the common good seemed oddly discordant. The equation of abortion, something that clearly is about a threat to life, with same-sex marriage, which no matter how you look at it, does not mean that anyone is going to die, is bizarre. A good friend of mine, who is gay, recently resigned from a position at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, where he said, with great dismay, that 'abortionsamesexmarriage' had become one polysyllabic word among some of his bosses.

Boy, that last sentence in the above paragraph seems to open up a can of worms, doesn't it? But moving on...

Why has same-sex marriage been equated with abortion? Are they really equivalent 'threats' to life? If you're looking for a life issue with stakes as high as abortion, why not something that actually threatens life? Like war? Or the death penalty? Or the kind of poverty and destitution that lead to death? Why aren't 'abortion and war' the most 'insidious and dangerous' threats to the common good? Or 'war and the death penalty?' Or 'war and poverty?' The great danger is that this increasingly popular equation will seem to many as having less to do with moral equivalency and more to do with a simple dislike, or even a hatred, of gays and lesbians.

Father Martin is making these statements in the context of a recent controversy in the Archdiocese of Boston involving "an eight-year-old boy [who] could not attend St. Paul's parochial school because his parents are lesbians."

Well, yours truly sought comment from two orthodox priests — Fathers Tom Euteneuer and Richard Perozich — regarding Father Martin's statements.

Said Father Tom Euteneuer in an e-mail:

"If the Holy Father's proclamation of the unchanging truth makes Father Martin uncomfortable, then it's time for Father Martin to hang up his collar. How dare he misrepresent His Holiness's intent just to ingratiate himself further with the secular left, who find no sin in homosexual behavior! How dare he even imply that the Holy Father, by speaking the truth, somehow contradicts the Gospel and Catholic teaching!

"Few things make me more angry than when a Catholic priest so nefariously misrepresents the words and intentions of the Holy Father. That such an offense would come from within the bowels of America Magazine is perhaps predictable, but no less infuriating.

"I expect that many Jesuits will be embarrassed enough by Father Martin's intellectual laziness and dishonesty that they will speak up as well, but just for the record: Mentioning two sins in the same sentence does not imply moral equivalence. For Father Martin to imply differently betrays either a defect in critical thinking skills or a willingness to embarrass Pope Benedict. Either way, it is truly revolting.

"Portugal is not currently calling for war, so for the pope to condemn war while there, as Father Martin says that he should and as he has already done countless times, hardly takes any courage. To condemn abortion and same-sex 'marriage' in a country that is widely adopting both does take courage — precisely the courage that Pope Benedict is known for and that Father Martin is so obviously lacking."

Said Father Richard Perozich of the Diocese of San Diego:

"Catholic schools do not educate only the individual children of various families; they form children in relation to all families in a school under the moral teaching of Jesus and His Church. When Catholics self-identify as 'gays' or 'lesbians,' they de facto deny their basic identity of male oriented toward female and female oriented toward male (CCC 2333).

"When they adopt children, Pope Benedict says the expression of homosexuality does violence toward the children. When Catholics who practice or promote homosexuality try to introduce their children into Catholic schools, they also introduce their iniquity, their sin, and transgression to the other children.

"Charity toward persons with same-sex attraction, especially those who have embraced the iniquity as a self-identity, is to help them heal and accept their sexuality as defined by God through the Church. In my experience, when priests support homosexual attraction, identity, or behavior, it is because the priest has not accepted his own sexuality as male oriented toward female and often has given over to the pleasure of same-sex attraction, the self-satisfaction of the homosexual identity, or worse, plunged into the profligacy of the behavior.

"I trust the pope to communicate charity and chastity to the Church — not James Martin, who is communicating his own opinion."

Matt C. Abbott

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