State of the Church in Jakarta?
(06-08-2010, 05:20 AM)The_Harlequin_King Wrote:
In nomine Patris Wrote:Its hot and humid, and they have the worse drivers in the world, and the roads by and large suck.

My mom (an Indonesian) said that the drivers are the worst part of living there. Unfortunately, I'm a driver type. I got a car years before any of my friends, I love the freedom of the road, and I hate public transport.

Quote:If you go to Jakarta, be prepared to hear the Muslims howling at 4am, to who or whatever they howl to or at. Many mosques, and they sing using megaphones.

I actually like that. I just wish it was, you know, Christian chant instead calling for Matins or something. Either way, I can sleep through a hurricane, so that's no problem.

Yes, tell us about how the churches are.

Well, I have been In Jakarta twice now, last Sept for 2 weeks, and 3-1/2 weeks in April/May. I went to Mass 2x at a really beautiful church outside of Jakarta in a city called Alam Sutra Serpong. The priest was very reverent, Mass in Ind language (of course) and if You go, go at least 1/2 hour early and sit near the right front, or you get a EM. The Church itself is beautiful, and around the Altar are statues of the 12 apostles, and Of course Jesus and Mary. In the back is a very beautiful Pieta statue, really a nice one. I would say this is a very nice Church, only needs a TLM to be awesome. I would go asgain.

I visited the Cathederal in Jakarta, its old and could use refurbushing a little, but still nice, classic Gotrhic (I think?) wood style. Nice grounds too. Peaceful place where you want to just stay and pray. Its near the American Embassy.

There is an English Mass in JK, at a Church called Theresia (I think fiance means St theresa?). Drove by on a weekday, it was closed, it looks old and it looks like tough parking, but thats common in JK. Your mom's right, driving sucks big time. JK is known for it horrendous traffic. I actually lost my temper there for the first time in years at one of the locals trying to squeeze us out. Where I live, if they drove like that, there would be many tickets given out, and, I am sure, a few fights. The cops there dont seem to care. They take bribes, usually $5.

But back to the Mass. The place to go to Mass  is about 100 miles, maybe, a place called Puncak, aka the village. That Church is called the Church of miracles and she said many miracles have occurred here, cures and miracles. It was a long Mass, and after Communion the 3 priests took turns walking among the congregation blessing the people with the Blessed Sacrament in the Monstrance, after a kind of benediction. During Mass!!. It was really kind of neat, different, reverant.  But be in the first 3 rows or EM. The Church is on beautiful, large grounds, lush green grass, and a couple grottos to Our Lady. Many nuns there. I can tell more later but now getting ready to go to Vegas for the civil marriage, to fulfill the K1 Visa requirements, then the priest will con validate. But go to the Church of Miracles at Puncak

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