Offertory prayer.
(07-01-2010, 06:24 AM)FatherCekada Wrote:
(06-21-2010, 08:37 PM)glgas Wrote: This is a problem for me since long time, may be somebody can enlighten me.

I consider only that part of the Offertory which is different between TLM and the New Mass, and do not consider the Suscipe Sancta Trinitas prayer neither, since that is the repetition of the invocation of the whole Church to witness the sacrifice. So let consider only the Suscipe Sancte Pater and the Lavabo. The prayers in between refer to the coming consecration (Deus qui humanae substantiae) and ask to extend that benefits.

The priest acknowledges that he is sinner (ego indignus famulus tuus .. pro innumerabílibus peccátis, et offensiónibus, et neglegéntiis meis,)

in his own name (ego ... offero tibi)

offers a piece of bread (immaculatam hostiam)

and a few moments and prayers later claims that

the people around him became innocent (inter innocentes)

and he himself too became innocent (ego autem in innocentia mea ingressus sum).

If we take the words seriously what changed the priest from sinner to innocent? The recall of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ will come leather in the consecrations, we live in time. Above that we human beings are insufficient to redeem ourselves from the consequences of the sin.

Was not the 1970 Mass right to skip this problem?

You are hopelessly mixed up. Do some research, for heaven's sake. Read Gihr.

I don't know if he's hopelessly mixed up on this issue--in fact, the problem glgas is seeing seems to be acknowledged by Gihr as an impression that one can easily draw from the prayer.

"Among the innocent I will wash my hands" how can the priest pray thus? Does he not live in the midst of the world, where by reason of human frailty, carelessness and attachment to earthly  things, the luster of the soul's purity is in a greater or less degree most easily tarnished? Such is, in truth, the case, and a good priest  feels convinced of it; but he is also daily intent on destroying within his heart the love of the world, sensuality and all selfishness, in order that his soul may be purified more and more in the fountain of the Precious Blood of Jesus and in the stream of tears of penance and sorrow. Hence he may well protest, that in his innocence he would wash his hands, and thus with pure hands "advance to the  altar." Yes, it behooves those hands to be clean which he is to raise in supplication and prayer to God; clean must be the hands that are to touch, to offer and to dispense the most holy, spotless Victim."

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: Dogmatically, Liturgically and Ascetically Explained, pg. 543-4.

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