Pope Benedict: Obsessed with Celestine V??
(02-13-2013, 11:21 AM)StrictCatholicGirl Wrote: Wow! This is uncanny! I totally forgot about this thread. In other news, yesterday on EWTN Barbara McWiggin suspects Pope Benedict is suffering congestive heart failure. She said the Pope had a pacemaker put in three months ago. Did anyone else hear of that?

I heard that he had a pacemaker before he became Pope, but 3 months ago he had surgery to put new batteries in the pacemaker. I wish everyone would quit blaming him for resigning.
He watched John Paul II become sick & feeble. For his last year, I don't think he was lucid or physically able to lead the Church. He taught me a lot about the value that can be found in physical suffering.........still I think the Church felt the impact of his illness in a harmful way.

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