Health benefits of hydrogen peroxide ingestation...
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(07-25-2010, 11:45 AM)unknown Wrote: Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2008 Nov;46(9):815-8.

Cerebral air gas embolism from concentrated hydrogen peroxide ingestion.

Rider SP, Jackson SB, Rusyniak DE.

University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville Neurology Clinic, Knoxville, Tennessee 37920, USA.

INTRODUCTION: Ingestion of a small amount of concentrated hydrogen peroxide can cause cerebral air gas embolism (CAGE). Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is the standard of care in the treatment of CAGE. We report a case of CAGE after accidental ingestion of 33%hydrogen peroxide treated with HBOT resulting in reversal of both the clinical and radiologic abnormalities. CASE REPORT: A 48 year-old male took two sips of 33% hydrogen peroxide. A short time later, he developed hematemesis, left sided hemiplegia, confusion, and left homonymous hemianopsia. Initial laboratory studies, chest x-ray, and brain CT were normal. MRI demonstrated areas of restricted diffusion and T2 hyper intensities in multiple vascular territories consistent with ischemia due to CAGE. Eighteen hours after arrival, the patient underwent HBOT at 3 atmospheres absolute (ATA) for 30 minutes and 2.5 ATA for 60 minutes with clinical improvement. Follow-up MRI at six months demonstrated resolution of the hyper intensities. DISCUSSION: A search of MEDLINE from 1950 to present revealed only two cases of CAGE from ingestion of concentrated hydrogen peroxide treated with HBOT. Both cases, similar to ours, had complete resolution of symptoms. Of the seven reported cases of CAGE from hydrogen peroxide that did not undergo HBOT, only in one patient was there a report of symptom resolution. CONCLUSION: Ingestion of even a small amount of concentrated hydrogen peroxide can result in cerebral air gas embolism. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be of benefit in reversing the symptoms and preventing permanent neurological impairment.

PMID: 18608295 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


Oncology (Williston Park). 2009 Nov 30;23(13):1182.

As I previously mentioned, one does not consume concentrated hydrogen peroxide, but a suspension containin a very small amount.

It was a very small amount undiluted and it almost led to catastrophic cerebral embolism.  He took two sips and could have potentially killed himself or left himself mentally retarded. It wasn't from corrosive effect on his esophagus.  It was after the peroxide was absorbed into the bloodstream. And you know what, fractional amounts of the small amount he ingested or this amount diluted could still cause damage. It can produce smaller, tinier bubbles that get lodged in capillaries such as the eyes which are particularly sensitive, and eventually lead to disease or loss of vision.

Yes, small enough amounts of most things in a single dose can be (seemingly) benign, including diluted hydrogen peroxide or other diluted corrosive, acid, or basic fluids like liquid ammonia, for example.   
Small enough amounts of lead or arsenic don't lead to detectable problems, either. Actually, what is often termed "benign" really often means damage below the threshold of detection, in other words miniscule or silent damage that can sometimes become worse with repeated administration.

You also cut out the other review abstract from November 2009 I posted where the researcher reviewed the literature and found no scientific evidence of benefit from hydrogen peroxide administration, in other words, calling it quackery.

In addition, you earlier included two citations to two supposed scientific papers, one of which points to a study and page number in JAMA which apparently does not exist, and the other cited to a study purportedly published in 1988 when it was really published one hundred and twenty-two years ago 1888 before the field of biochemistry even existed, which you called a "pretty article article."

And now you've posted another article called "The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide", which as far as I can tell with a quick skim doesn't cite a single study which truly supports the contention that hydrogen peroxide supplementation has any benefit.  Rather, it seems to mislead the reader by pointing out the stress signalling potential of peroxide in the body for producing hormones and such which is established by the small amounts of peroxide which cells already produce on their own, and making it sound like extra of this poison taken internally would be a good thing.  Cells already produce an excess of this substance, and that's why we have a variety of enzymes like catalase, peroxiredoxins and glutathione peroxidase to break it down. And generally speaking, in diseased states, oxidative stress and peroxidation levels is actually higher.  And when a major peroxiredoxin (#1) is knocked out in mice through genetic engineering, they age faster and live shorter lives.  And when mice are genetically engineered to produce catalase (which breaks down peroxide) directly in the ROS furnace of cells, the mitochondria, they show significantly extended maximum and mean lifespans, which would be equivalent to a human being living longer than 120 years.

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