Traditional Latin Mass in Milwaukee!
(08-05-2010, 08:31 AM)timoose Wrote: Wisconsin is sooo strange. On the one hand the people are center right mostly yet Wisconsin is the  birth place of the progressive religion. Not very many TLM's there nor on a full time basis. I was up in Milwaukee suburbs last weekend and the land is nice and not really urban nor suburban, more semi-rural, which leads me to believe that they are more or less right thinking, but they are very curious bunch and in mid sentence can become foaming seething mad liberals.
Just my 0.02 informed by drinking beer and eating brats at the Brat Stop, but more TLM's would help these folks, for sure.

Wisconsin is large. Cardinal Burke made a big change whne he was in LaCrosse, the Institute of St Joseph is quite traditional organization. You can make exception for the Milwaukee area, but the rest is rural, traditional people. They have 16 TLM churches, the Institute of Christ has 4 place by itself.

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