What causes people to be insulting on a Catholic forum?
(10-06-2010, 08:25 AM)ggreg Wrote: Perhaps some people are fed up with stupid postings about way out there conspiracy theories.

What do you expect?  Can you in charity expect people on this forum to enter into a debate with someone they think is a nutbar and who offers little or no evidence for their claims?

25-40% of Americans are worshipping Satan?  Or into a Satanic Cult?  Where is the evidence?

To any normal thinking, half-intelligent person this statement is obviously total and utter bullshit.  For one thing it is at total odds with all the Americans they know.  If you said "X out of 10 Americans is a lard-arse, loud-mouth, ignorant, over-sexed, irreligious, beer-swilling, junk-food munching moron who could not find Iraq or Afghanistan on the map", then I'd probably believe you because that is my experience of X out of 10 Americans (no more or less than the other nations of the world).  But I have never met an American who I remotely suspected was a cult member or a satanist and I know a LOT of Americans.  If you said 4 out of 10 Haitians is worshipping Satan through voodoo I'd consider it possible too because it correlates with what I know about them.

Couldn't it be said that 4 out of 10 Americans worship Satan through their worship of the material? There is only one prince of this world, after all, and the best trick he ever pulled was in convincing people he doesn't really exist.

In a sense, they worship him who hides behind an attractive screen, much like the Wizard of Oz. Rather than worship him specifically, however, they worship the things he does. 

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