What causes people to be insulting on a Catholic forum?
I used to let things slide but every friggin time I want to post something I think is interesting to put it out there just to see peeps thoughts the same few cadres show up and go all ad hominum (youll see itll happen here)..its not being thin skinned when constantly insulted by the same few trolls. Meanwhile a perfectly interesting topic goes to hell. I feel socioty has forced people to suppress their thoughts, and feminism has destroyed the male culture of talking politics and religion into...just talk about your nice football games deeries. You know how many time me and couple of male relatives or friends are at a family event...and we are just enjoying ourselves passionatly discussing the politics of the day...and in come the woman to break it up....well of course I try to keep going but the feminised ones put a lid on it....IMO
So what causes me to be insulting is being insulted (not just shined on messed with) but a deliberate insult meant to stifle a good discussion.

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