Doubts about Newman's Beatification
(10-06-2010, 11:09 AM)Servus_Maria Wrote: I couldn't continue reading the original article after TIA stated that Card. Newman's writings as a protestant, before his conversion, are reason enough to doubt his canonization. The links to Newman's supposed heretical teachings aren't heretical at all, especially read in context and not just the bits underlined by TIA. It is heretical to believe that Mary is our redeemer, it is heretical to believe that Mary is superior to God, it is heretical to believe that Mary is the daughter of God in the same way that Christ is the son of God. Card. Newman was right in criticizing these excesses of Marian devotion.

As for the new Blessed being a homosexual it's odd that TIA would state in their letter that no credence should be given to these rumours yet, on the very same web page, provide links and letters attesting to Newman's supposed homosexuality.

So?  Newman never repudiated his idea of the "development of doctrine" and his successors and heirs have run rampant with in the English speaking world ever since. 

There are far more troubling things than his alleged homosexuality, but I have noticed that his behavior is reminiscent of one who suffers from that terrible predilection.

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