Doubts about Newman's Beatification
(10-06-2010, 04:37 PM)Jesse Wrote:
(10-06-2010, 04:18 PM)Remegius Wrote: And I can't agree with you on Usury or Sodomy.  The two are sins against the natural order and the Moral order, and anybody under a habitual compulsion to commit either of these, wether they caved in or not, would not be good candidates for Priesthood.

We were actually talking specifically about Sainthood, not Priesthood.  Also, habitual, involuntary compulsions are not something we choose; they are the Cross that has been given to us to carry, and carrying our Crosses well sounds like a good way to become a Saint, not a detriment to it.


Precisely.  The issue here is you have said people with tendencies toward sodomy (no matter what) cannot enter in Heaven.  Do you have something to back that up?  I can't imagine you do.  In all charity, if you have nothing to back it up let us all drop the conversation - nothing is to be gained from it if that is the case.

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