Confessions by appointment suck.
(10-07-2010, 11:39 PM)AntoniusMaximus Wrote: confessions by appointment always bothered me.  I understand that priests have other ministries to tend to and need a day of rest, but i find the one duty that should be available 24/7 is confession.  It can literally saves a man's soul, and if it means sitting in the confessional booth for  hours a day to hear that one's man confession is worth it.  What is more trouble to me is how few priests have confession before Mass (speaking at the NO Churches, as all of the Fraternity and Institute Masses I have been to have confessions prior and even during Mass),  I understand there is a lot of parish sharing nowadays, but couldn't it be schedule be adjusted to allow it.  At least during Lent, some Dioceses are making it greatly available lately.  In New York, I have heard a few parishes with 24 hour a day confessionals going during Lent.

In my opinion it may boil down to three things:  time management, leadership and the importance (or unimportance) placed upon the sacrament by your average parish priest.   Many priests  (in the NO) are overwhelmed with the demands placed upon them by various parish groups, councils, etc. which overstep their boundaries and use the priest as their own personal puppet.  This is one example of a parish priest abdicating his authority to run his parish.  Some voluntarily abdicate this authority or are manipulated and forced into relinquishing it by parish laity overstepping their own bounds.  Some priests just don't care.  Very sad indeed.

Time management is not rocket science (we all do it in our work life and everyday life) - scheduling confessions before masses is done in most if not all TLM parishes.  Why can't a NO priest do the same?  In my opinion they can offer confession on a regular basis - they just either don't want or they don't care to.  It's an afterthought and/or just not important.

Then lastly, is the belief in and the importance (or unimportance) placed on the Sacrament of Penance.  Many NO priests and laity have a completely alien view of the sacrament versus traditional priests and laity.  Confession and penance is either an after thought or something to be provided for on an individual basis for those who have major sins to confess.  Thus the phenomenon of confession by appointment only.  To these priests, there is no such thing as venial sin or having someone build a spiritual life based on penance and reconciliation.  This, I think, is the major belief held by most NO clergy today.  Confession to them is either a novel concept or something to provide to individuals on a case by case basis and only for major sins. 

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