Crying so much...Feeling so helpless...
Thank you to everyone who replied to this thread, I have been crying less. I still do occassionally though less now that on my twitter account I have found so many other Law&Order SVUers that I have been able to rant about the show, and go on and on and on and not annoy non SVUers with my slight addiction to the show :D I love the show so episodes come on Wednesday from 9-10pm on nbc, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays I watch SVU even my Dad is getting tired of me because I have him tape the episodes now XD! I only cry for those in real life who I want to help..though I have an action-plan that I'm going to put into action..I'm going to train to become a rape crisis counselor, save up money and eventually move to NY....I'm also focusing more and more on losing weight by going to the gym(I want to get to be the same size as Mariska)..she's not too thin and not too big...but just right :) I'm a bit on the heavy I'm working on that too. Again, thank you everyone who replied :) Blessed be...

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