Was Jesus perfect in his human deeds?
(10-21-2010, 09:00 PM)SoCalLocal Wrote: I kinda doubt it. He was fully human - which means making mistakes. And the Bible says he was like us in all things except sin. Everyone makes arithmetic errors, for instance. And typos.
No. He is perfect. Mistakes by nature are imperfect. It is not Man's nature to make mistakes. It is Man's nature to have reason and free will. It is fallen man's nature to make mistakes.

Considering He knew all, making errors in the sciences would be impossible.
Quote:I just can't imagine a young Jesus helping Joseph in the shop and not having to learn "Measure twice, cut once" the hard way. If He did everything He ever tried perfectly the first time, He really wouldn't be human. He'd be Superman.
He is God. I can imagine Jesus measuring twice or verifying quality out of humility, but not out of necessity.

Quote: And people tend to shy away from people like that. ABp Sheen wrote about that in his autobiography, too. He was a terrible artist. He turned down free art lessons once because he figured that when his TV audience saw him draw on his blackboard and it looked like a kindergartener's work, they wouldn't be intimidated by his learning, they'd see he was just a regular guy.
Jesus had humility, not imperfection.

We are talking about a family headed by a man who was completely chaste, and when he found his wife was pregnant, and he never doubted her chastity, he did not need an explanation of how it happened once he was given the command to marry her. She was a virgin and chaste. She was pregnant. He did not need it explained.

We are talking about a family started by a woman who never sinned and was told by an angel she was to bear a child who would be able to save all.

We are talking about a Man who was God in the flesh. We are talking about a God who knows everything, yet loves us and gave us free will and reason so that we may choose to love Him and by happy with Him forever and who is willing to forgive us as long as we seek it.

Jesus did not make "mistakes".

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