victorian (australia) abortion laws
(11-02-2010, 07:09 AM)paragon Wrote: It was disgusting (but expected) how only the Herald Sun mentioned the pro life rally.  It was the most heated confrontation I've ever seen in the city so by the media's standards it was definitely newsworthy.  Every time there's another one of those pro gay marriage rallies it gets a guernsey on the ABC.

The Victorian liberal party are wringing wet - there is no reason to think they will be any better than Brumby.  Being the traditionally more conservative party is not enough to make them worthy of our votes.  I'm considering not voting in the lower house because of preferences - I'd vote DLP but I'll have to give my vote to one or the other of the majors in the end, and I really don't know who is worse.  About the only difference is that the Libs at least have a handful of decent members.  Bernie Finn is a very fine man.

true, in the end, one of the major parties will form government, so it's a question of the lesser of two evils. though the Liberals would have to be the lesser evil, all things considered. Preferences for the lower house can be done by yourself - only in the upper house is it very complicated (due to the amount of options) but even here I do believe the DLP try very hard to arrange preferences in a pro-life manner (in a word, they can be trusted more than the others to direct preferences properly).

(11-02-2010, 06:19 PM)benjyc Wrote: the liberals, especially Ted Baillieu, supported this decriminalisation of abortion. Do not vote for them! vote DLP

I second that. (though there are decent Liberals, I would certainly consider voting for someone like Bernie Finn were he my local candidate - and even labor has at least one prolife candidate apparently.  I think around dandenong (but don't quote me on that location, im not quite sure if I recall correctly)

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