Glen Beck Warns of Catastrophic Event and NWO
I gave Beck a fair hearing, two years of "insider" subscriptions.  I found him generally entertaining, though I found Pat and Stu by themselves more entertaining.  But it grew old fairly quickly to the point of annoyance.  

I picked up on his anti-Catholic views gradually, his history is sloppy as anything could be and I wondered why he's so much involved in convincing everyone that  we are headed for an economic situation comparable to the "Terminator" movies.  

And finally, I find the not too slick salesmanship nauseating , "You must see tomorrow's show, buy my magazine, join the "insider's extreme" spend all of your money on my advertisers now, because your cash is going to be worthless, get my books, see my show, bid on my paintings, follow the link to  Amazon so I can get commissions for promoting my reading list, go see this movie. etc. etc. "  

It's like he decided to take the "America in Decline" idea of the late 1980's and the "Y2K" panic of the late 1990's and come up with a "political, economic and societal meltdown" of the late 2000s.   It strikes me as a little too regular and too contrived.  

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