Fr. Cekada and the Terri Schiavo case
QuisUtDeus Wrote:It's kind of like asking if a spoon is extraordinary means.

A spoon is not normally extraordinary means, but it could be. As Fr. Cekada stated, "in a body that is obviously shutting down for good', that feeding can be extraordinary. This is a person who is in the very definite process of dying. They do refuse food and water (even if they can eat and drink) as their body is shutting down. We do not typically require either force feeding with a spoon or inserting a feeding tube at this point. The lack of food and water does not cause dying, the dying causes the patient to refuse food and water. Of course, this is when the patient receives pallative or comfort care, a type of care that does not refuse food or water, it just does not require it.

Fr. Cekada applies this to Terri Schiavo, who was clearly not in the process of dying until she was refused ALL food and water. A priest who served her, and gave her Holy Communion, said that she received Communion. This is what caused Bishop Sanborn to retreat from his initial support of Fr. Cekada's lonely opinion and his misapplication of the theological principles that should govern our conclusions.

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