Fr. Cekada and the Terri Schiavo case
(11-21-2010, 11:03 AM)lamentabili sane Wrote:
QuisUtDeus Wrote:It's kind of like asking if a spoon is extraordinary means.

A spoon is not normally extraordinary means, but it could be.

I'll split hairs with you here for a minute.  It seems to me extraordinary in the theological sense means either: 1) the patient has to be forced because they have no appetitive desire, or, 2) the means are excessively burdensome.

If that's true, then the problem with the spoon or tube comes it at #1 if the person is conscious.  If a person is unconscious or lacking brain function and can digest, etc., we don't know what the appetitive situation is, and I argue we should assume it's there.  So, then #2 comes into play.  Spoon feeding someone is not excessively burdensome nor is inserting a tube and pumping what is the equivalent of pharmacy grade baby food through them.

The cost may be burdensome, but I'm not convinced it's the cost of the feeding tube as much as the cost of the additional care around it.

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