Fr. Cekada and the Terri Schiavo case
Fr. Cekada Wrote:As for some of the other issues you mention:

(1) I’ve said very clearly that, had Terri Schiavo indeed been able to eat and drink by natural means, those caring for her would have been obliged to provide her with food and drink.

(2) I’ve also said publicly several times that those who wish to employ long-term tube feeding (or indeed any extraordinary means) are free to do according to the principles Pius XII laid down.

What I have repeatedly sought to refute is the widely-held but utterly false notion that the use of a feeding tube is ALWAYS OBLIGATORY UNDER PAIN OF MORTAL SIN (otherwise, “murder,” “euthanasia,” etc.).

The feeding tube can be obligatory at times. The ventilator can be obligatory at times. It is important to remember that providing food and hydration is not a medical treatment. Notice that Fr. Cekada assumes tube-feeding is extraordinary means in the bolded section.

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