Another article slamming the Church
(11-20-2010, 08:51 AM)3Sanctus Wrote:
(11-19-2010, 10:28 PM)Cetil Wrote: The fact is the more traditional dioceses such as Arlington Virginia do not lack for vocations. Arlington as a rule has two and sometimes even three priests per parish.
And there are now almost twice as many seminarians world wide as there were when John Paul II became Pope.

Do the parishes of the Diocese of Arlington really have multiple priests per parish?

I'd love to see numbers that show there are nearly twice as many seminarians now as when John Paul II began his reign, especially given the general plummeting of seminarians and priests over his reign.  Would love to be able to share those statistics with friends, to encourage my traditionally-minded friends and to rebuke the Modernists.

As for Arlington do the math: 68 parishes and 6 missions served by a total of  250 priests. 37 seminarians now training. Any diocese in the USA would be thrilled with those numbers.
Worldwide the vocations picture is especially bright in the third world. African bishops wonder what to do with all the seminarians they have.
You can bet some of them will be coming to Europe and the USA. Some already are. I've met a couple of African priests here who are here because they are "surplus" back home. The problem is that in Europe and the USA the vocations picture is not good.
Overall stats for seminarians worldwide:
"The Church worldwide has been blessed since 1978 with a surge in the number of seminarians. According to data published in L’Osservatore Romano and the Vatican’s statistical yearbook (the Secretariat of State’s Annuarium Statisticum Ecclesiae), there were 63,882 diocesan and religious major seminarians when John Paul II began his pontificate in 1978; by the end of 2005, that number had grown to 114,439—a remarkable increase of 79.1 percent."
Currently, there are about 119,00 seminarians worldwide so the numbers continue to grow. If the USA and Europe had more good seminaries there would be no shortage.


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