Traditional Catholic Fasting Laws and Diabetics
A question to those in the know about this while I'm getting over a bout of sickness related to my Type 2 diabetes. (BTW, please pray for me that I get over this bout a.s.a.p. I see my diabetic teaching nurse at a local hospital this Monday morning.)

Diabetics normally have restricted diets in the first place. Best diet is to go low-carb all the way. Meaning no bread, pasta, sugars or anything spiking the blood sugar. In light of this, many folks are going down the Atkins or Modified Atkins diet or something similar to that. Part of that is a lot of meat eating, being low-carb and all.

However, we Trads still fast on Fridays and Ember Days for love of Our Lord, as we should.

My question here is what the fasting laws of the Church are in relation to diabetics. I want to make sure I am in complete obedience to them while I'm managing this bloody disease.

Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

BTW, with your permission, I recommend this website of a fellow Type 2 who is taking no prisoners in managing his diabetes:

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