Read the first chapters this morning.  Busy weekend with pro-life banquet last night at which I was one of the speakers and then a march to the Capitol today.  The book is excellent so far and brings home the power of loving prayer at the clinics.

We do not get to do  much 'sidewalk counceling' as we must stay 100 ft from the door and the parking lot is in the back and we are on the front of the building on the public sidwalk.  Yes, everyone is scared at first. But that changes. One becomes stronger in the faith, and I mean across the board. Yes, there is some heckling but you come to realize that words and gestures do not hurt you and you send those kind a blessing instead.

Go out!  Stand up for life! You can do it.

PRAY before and after you do your public witness and remain always in a state of grace.  If I can stand in public in defending life, you can too. Participate in your local 40 Days for Life.

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