Who are "the Fathers" at Traditio?
Here's my experience with the original "Fr. Moderator"

He sure does know an awful lot about pre-conciliar Catholic traditions and ceremonies. 

He gave excellent pastoral advice on catechetics in private e-mails.

He was spot on in describing traditional priestly formation. 

He was never sedevacantist.

Around 2005 towards the end of JPII and the beginning of B16, the tone of the site changed. 

You couldn't get through a column with out feeling like it was written in Pig-Latin with all the "New" and "Mess" added to every article about a Liturgy or the post-conciliar Church. 

The hyperbole just seemed to get to be too much.  It was like reading Glenn Beck. long before Glenn Beck. 

It's a shame it went so "over the top" because it was a really great and useful site at one time.  Go back and read the archives from prior to 2004 and you can see the difference between then and now.

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