Who are "the Fathers" at Traditio?
(03-23-2011, 07:54 PM)Revixit Wrote: That's the church that the archbishop tried to take away from the parishioners, correct?  I think perhaps he wanted to close the parish, tear down the church and sell the property.  If I recall correctly, the parishioners fought him, saying that their ancestors had built that church and he couldn't take it from them, and they had the legal rights to the church.  Then, independent of the diocese, they hired a Polish priest, who was said to be wonderful.  I thought he was saying Mass in Polish but perhaps he said the TLM, too.
I don't know whether you are being ironic, but that's the story that was told by Traditio, yes.
What they didn't tell (although it was public knowledge back then), was that the archdiocese never disputed that the church does not belong to the Archdiocese and cannot be sold by it. The Archdiocese merely attempted to switch the membership of the board of the corporation controlling the church back to the way it had been before the parish had unilaterally changed the membership to exclude any influence by the bishop. The wikipedia article sums it up.
I have to take back the gay marriage statement though. Fr. Bozek is on record for supporting ordination of married men, women and gays and I had mixed that up. Fr. Bozek (Traditio's hero) also joined "Married Priests Now!", the Moonie-controlled group of Milingo.

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