This Fr. Z post made my "fraud radar" go off Fr. Z manipulates the Pope
(04-02-2011, 10:21 AM)JoniCath Wrote: HELP!!! Please explain what a Neo-Con is. I've been a Catholic for 69 years (since birth) & while I was "lost" when they took my Latin Mass away, somehow I endured during the 40 barren years (for me anyway), through God's grace ( until I finally got the TLM. back).  At my age I don't consider myself a "NEO" anything. :)
I'm sure not a "new Traditionalist", I would not take any of the "lay ministries" during the time when my only choice for Mass was the NO.  Sometimes when I found myself getting more than a little depressed or angry during the New Mass, I'd have to stay away from it for a while. There were/are no SSPX or Eastern Churches within 80 mis. (one way) of my home.......but when our new Bishop gave us the TLM. in my city.......I bolted & have never attended a NO. Mass since SP. was promulgated. So, surely I'm not a "neo-con" am I??

BTW. I do believe that the NO. is a valid Mass, I just don't think that it embraces the whole  of Catholicism.

You sound sound like a Neo-Con/ Neo-Catholic. 

The Wikipedia description is pretty good.

Click on this link and you'll get a good, concise descrption.[/


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