Sorrowful Mysteries- a study
Last week my husband and I got to talking about what we meditate on particularly during each mystery of the rosary. I found it very helpful. I thought that maybe we could do this here. The Sorrowful seems most appropriate sine it is Lent. I especially find information on the medical aspect of what actually happened helps me understand the brutality of it all.

I could start a new thread for each decade. How about we start with the Agony in the Garden. If there are a lot of people into this we can continue.

Agony in the Garden

What was so bad about this part of the Passion? Was it being so utterly alone? The fear of knowing what was about to happen? Betrayal? Leaving His Holy Mother? I did a brief search about sweating blood, which we are told Christ did-

Dr. Frederick Zugibe, a forensic expert from New York said hematidrosis is one extreme side effects of fight or flight response. Most occur when a person experiences stress anxiety or fear which is very deep, accordingt to Howstuffworks

In addition, there is also another theory that says that extreme anxiety or fear experienced by a person causes the release of a chemical that can break the capillaries in the sweat glands. As a result there is a small amount of bleeding so that the sweat comes out along with blood.
Dr. Zugibe said some cases associated with hematidrosis reportedly occurred when a person experiences fear of punishment before execution and there are cases also due to fear of storms while sailing.


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