Is there Crypto-Orthodoxy among some Eastern Catholics?
I think the reason why there are so many crypto-Orthodox among Eastern Catholics is that it can be very disheartening to see what Eastern Orthodoxy has in comparison to many Eastern Catholic parishes, which tend to still be Eastern-Latin hybrids in many cases.  That doesn't justify schism in any way, of course, but it explains why crypto-Orthodoxy can be so prevalent.  In my parish, there isn't much of an issue with it, because liturgically we are identical to the Orthodox.  If it weren't for the comemoration of the Pope, you'd be hard pressed to distinguish us from the Orthodox.

Another thing that makes Eastern Catholics susceptible to crypto-Orthodoxy is the fact that in praxis the Orthodox are still doing things that were being done by both Easterners and Latins even up until a hundred and fifty years ago.  For example, the manner by which a bishop is elected.  I just recently heard this on an Orthodox forum that up until vatican 1, latin bishops were elected by the bishops of the dioceses around them.  Whether this is true or not, I don't know, anyone more educated in history than I can tell me if this is accurate.  Or the document unam sanctam.  Apparently, the pope in that document made some pretty hefty claims of papal prerogatives that are clearly rediculous in light of the papacy of the first millenium.  Perhaps there was historical context that made it more realistic then.  The problem is that the Orthodox dso a really good job of combining accurate history with anti-Roman propaganda that sounds pretty compelling to those that don't have a thoroughly grounded historical education.

Finally, I think why so many crypto-Orthodox don't actually become full fledged Orthodox is that when they actually sit down and think about it, they know the Catholic Church is the true Church.  Most Eastern Catholics go through recurring periods of romanticizing Orthodoxy, much the same way many traditional Latins romanticize monarchy.  Whenever that happens to me, I sit down and list out the reasons that I am hesistant of becoming Orthodox, and just in doing that, before I am even finished I have reconvinced myself that I made the right choice by remaining Catholic.  There are things that the Pope and the Latin Church have done that were completely unneccesary.  There are things the Pope has done that were really bad and shouldn't have been done, but ultimately he had the authority to do them.  None of it, though, justifies schism, and that's why the crypto-Orthodox rarely actually cross the Bosporus.

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