Modernism Beatified ?
On Wednesday April 27 at 630PM PST, 930 PM EST on the Backyard Radtrad we are going to be discussing the most controversial Beatification in perhaps the whole history of The Church. What does this event mean ?? Is it the “Beatification” of all the modern errors that John Paul II endorsed? How can someone who presided over The Assisi Blasphemies, kissed the Quran, prayed for the coming of the messiah with the Jews, along with hundreds of other sacrileges, be considered for sainthood??
Or was he; as one supporter suggests “A Venerable Servant of God, who did much to save the Church from ruin after the Second Vatican Council. He grabbed the helm of the bark of Peter and kept the ship on as steady of a course as possible, through a relentless storm that came from all sides: progressives, heretics, communists, socialists, and traditionalists. He ushered in the new springtime of the Church and paved the way for the New Evangelization, inspiring a whole generation of Catholics who are now young adults, forming saintly families open to life and “JPII priests” faithful to liturgical rubrics and tradition; all this is being seen now. He also properly interpreted Vatican II though his writings “
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