Osama and "spiritual prozac"
This is NOT a thread for discussion of Osama himself, there' s a thread for that.

"Spiritual prozac" is a fishie term I saw coined recently for the expansion of BoD into universal salvation and religious syncretism.  The form is most commonly takes where I'm at is people claiming that literal last second conversion experiences could suffice for the expiation of all sin, allow access in the heaven and (hopefully) and probably (!!!) happen all the time.

It got to the point that several people, all female, have told me that even though they believe that Osama Bin Laden died in a firefight, with a gun in his hands, using a woman as a human shield, that there's a good possibility that as the round that blew his head in half entered, he had time to confess...and they're yelling at people who refuse to fervently pray for the idea.  (Once again, this is not about Osama, it's ok if you aren't glad he's dead or think rejoicing is tacky, this is an "example").

So, i've cited popes, i've cited the infallible magisterium from multiples sources and eras, i've cited scripture countless times and ways, and all I get is increasing pigheadedness, hostiility, and even accusations of heterodoxy (from what, I can't imagine)...I'm starting to buy the FE position from some that there's a "conciliar religion".  What do I do about this?

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