Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-13-2011, 07:21 AM)Raskolnikov Wrote: Just finished reading this on my phone, even though I'm at a party where I ought to be socializing. :p This is a step in the right direction, but I'm thoroughly disappointed nonetheless. It's weak, particularly with regards to the training of clergy and seminarians. It really should have been stronger on that issue. Nonetheless, it seems that bishops now can't issue diocesan norms which overrule or contradict the Motu Proprio, which is good.

Disappointing, but still good. Oh well. The battle isn't over yet.

It all seems like too many baby steps, really. What this changes is that hopefully some seminarians will now have the courage to insist on TLM and Latin training by being able to point to UE and won't have that fear of marginalization anymore.

I think he should've mandated TLM and Latin training though.

Fr Z Wrote:Can. 249 says that seminarians should be “very well-trained” (bene calleant) in Latin. That has not be obeyed even slightly in most seminaries, and yet during ordinations someone stands in front of the ordaining bishop and attests that the men were well-trained.  Also, given the mens of the Supreme Pontiff, and the statement that the Ordinary Form and Extraordinary are side by side, can they attest that the ordinands are well-trained if they don’t know half their Rite?  The older half?  The one with the actual history and track record?

Code of Canon Law Wrote:Can. 249 The program of priestly formation is to provide that students not only are carefully taught their native language but also understand Latin well and have a suitable understanding of those foreign languages which seem necessary or useful for their formation or for the exercise of pastoral ministry.

At my local diocesan seminary, Latin is optional. OPTIONAL! The seminarian assigned to my old NO parish planned to travel to the USA to do a Latin workshop this summer... so in this sense, I'm always scared by a document like UE because it makes me think that the Holy Father is disconnected from reality and doesn't realize what's actually going on in the "real world".

They should give a Latin exam to seminarians prior to ordination. If a government can required English or French proficiency for university why can't the church require it of its priests?

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