Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-13-2011, 08:35 AM)timoose Wrote: We might want to remember he is the Pope of all Catholics. Those that are modernists, not the folks in the pews, brought the abuses in the  Novus Ordo, and a sudden complete change would only be applauded by certain young 'Trads" that are full of piss and vinegar. ( Yep, you guys, my pals.)Think of Lisa. Is she less than Catholic ? I don't think so !  If you had been 20 when those changes came like I was, you all would be bitter old men now. The Pope wants to keep as many as he can. This is lightening like speed compared to the Church before Vatican II. Do not despair this Pope will have more  as long as he lives. If it isn't apparent to us, he is cerebral and measured, and as much as Father Z. has some kinks his analysis is spot on "brick by brick".

Part of what we see in the Church can be attributed directly to no catechesis. We need the Baltimore Catechism. It worked for generations and is still superior to any way the Faith is taught today. It is foundational. That book conveys the Faith and keeps the teacher too on the same page, no riffing. In my mind's eye the next thing is curtailing the long protestant sermons. The Mass is not the vehicle for extended homilies, nor is it for the teaching of Catachumens, any longer. Have we ever seen the Catachumens dismissed lately ?  This is a vehicle that is abused turning the Mass into a Protestant Lord's Supper.

Before the Motu Proprio, at the time that the Vatican Cardinals pushed Archbishop Ranjith out, he spoke for Pope Benedict XVI, saying homilies should be only between 5-8 minutes. No one got the memo. This is crucial to teaching the Faith. I hope it's next. After that I hope he addresses the over abundance of "Theologians". The Church Militant is an Army, which by definition is all most entirely "privates". We have way to many Lieutenants expressing their deep wisdom. ( I purposefully employed Lieutenants because it's the rank upon graduation,  and if after a few years you're not at Minimum a Capitan, then it's time to take up knitting. ) Think of all these geniuses out there in Novus Ordo Terra, in the blogosphere, with an opinion on everything, some of which might possibly be Catholic.

I hope Pope Benedict reads Fisheaters and uses HK's idea about minor orders. Can you guys see a Deacon teaching from the Baltimore Catechism ? I can and it would be grand.


Good show!
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