Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-16-2011, 01:32 PM)Bakuryokuso Wrote:
(05-16-2011, 01:09 PM)Stubborn Wrote: The FSSP support the destruction of the true faith via their acceptance - or perhaps better stated, their tolerance of the NO.

Hi Stubborn – here’s where I’m coming from:

I attend a diocesan TLM that’s existed continuously since the mid-1970’s. It was just a regular parish where in the mid-70’s one priest convinced the other to stop saying the NO. So they said the TLM exclusively. The Canadian Bishops made the public celebration of the TLM illegal, but they persisted, argued Quo Primum to the Cardinal and all, but the parish priest still got kicked out of his presbytery, and just kept on saying the TLM in people’s living rooms. He traveled across Canada in the 1980’s, saying the TLM in multiple cities each Sunday. Plane-hopping from Toronto to Winnipeg to Alberta to Victoria by plane on a single Lord’s Day offering the Mass of All Time. Several of these communities are now SSPX chapels. He retired last year, he’s in an SSPX retirement home now.

The assistant priest still offers the diocesan TLM and an FSSP priest comes in once a month and on feasts usually. So we’ll likely become an FSSP chapel once the other diocesan priest retires. The assistant priest has literally never offered the NO in a parish situation, stretching back to his pre-1970 ordination. I’m relatively new to the TLM myself (January 2011) but many of the parishioners I speak with are very anti-NO, anti-Vatican II and yet love the Pope.

You can understand I’m rather skeptical about your FSSP claims. In the reality of the two diocesan priests – who were (as far as they know) the only priests in my diocese who publicly stuck with the TLM – there isn’t such a “rupture” as you see between the FSSP and the SSPX in terms of “defending the faith”. Most FSSP priests today hadn’t even been ordained in 1988, so they haven’t lived with the same bitterness over the excommunications. And the SSPX itself has hardened its positions because of its long-term “irregular status” in the church.

Bottom line, and this is what I’m seeing “on the ground” in my diocesan TLM, is that the battle for Tradition is being fought on more than one front, in more than one way.

Would you ever come to visit my parish and tell the FSSP priest to his face that he supports the destruction of the true faith? You have to remember that tradition is lived on a soul-by-soul basis. I understand you’re more of an SSPX guy and I’m an FSSP guy, but I wouldn’t dream of saying that the SSPX supports the destruction of the true faith because of reasons x, y, z.

So does the SSPX require, as a condition to its regularization, that the NO be abrogated beforehand? I’ve never seen that actually written anywhere in their materials but you seem to imply it. Thoughts?

Not to speak for him, but YES! The SSPX does in fact believe teh NO should be abrogated! That is why Archbishop Lefebvre had to disobey the Vatican to begin with! They wanted him to say the NO just once, to prove that both were equally acceptable and he wouldnt do it. Also, two months ago I emailed the vocations dept. at FSSP and asked them if I could be accepted into their seminary believing that the tridentine mass is superior to the NO. They told me flat out, via email, no I could not be accepted if I believe the tridentine is superior to the NO.

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