Universae Ecclesiae released - full English text
(05-16-2011, 03:10 PM)Stubborn Wrote: I've been wrong before and I have freely admitted it - I would do so now if that were the case..............but the NO is a freaking curse and if the entire Catholic population woke up tomorrow, regained the true faith and never attended the evil thing again, it would disappear.

This is why I like UE - it's going to allow more Catholics to experience the TLM which is a huge part ofthe problem. It's virtually impossible to come across the TLM by regular means. No one is going to tell me the SSPX is in my city - it's not like they advertise. And my diocese refuses to promote the diocesan TLM except by calling it a "Latin community" on the list of parishes which would make one think it's for latinos. It's by intenet or word of mouth that folks hear of actual TLM's... Until now, we might see a groundswell of new TLM's and I think once a lot of Neo-Catholics actually attend a few they'll be won over.

Vetus - if you mean impeccable = sinless... I mean I think it was wrong for JP2 to do a lot of what he did and I think it was wrongfor B16 to beatify him. Again, there is a middle ground between "Popes are sinless" and "the last four popes have been in continual mortal sin"

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