Why do only stupid threads get attention here?
(05-29-2011, 03:58 PM)m.PR Wrote: I don't know about "stupid" threads getting all the attention while the "intelligent" threads are ignored. But I have noticed that sometimes a member will make a well thought-out and well expressed argument only to be dismissed with some idiotic remark and/or touchy-feelyness. Also, threads get derailed easily and there is some lack of charity. That is why The Harbor and the Theologia et Philosophia sub-forums were created.

This sort of stuff is common in forums where there is a variety of people but where there also is a small number of regular posters, so that there is some sense of community.
the op obviously has not taken the time to notice the forum listings. If he wants profound go to the theological forum. Also quit your crying about lack of moderator regulation. Quis and vox respect our intelligence and only intervene when things are out of hand. Which is what makes FE AWSOME! You want control go to china. Also FE never directly solicited money from me ever. You seem to be mistaken or malicious

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