Fundraising to fight ovarian cancer-please read
Hi all.
 I'm taking part in the HERA Foundation Climb for Life.  This is a month long rock-climbing festival, aimed towards educating people about and raising money to fight ovarian cancer.  I didn't know a lot about ovarian cancer before I started, but I've learned an awful lot.  Like most of us, I have mothers (yes, multiple!!), sisters, nieces, friends, and a wife that I care an AWFUL lot about.  Ovarian cancer is an insidious disease. It presents itself like an average gastrointestinal disease.  By the time it's diagnosed, the patient can be in late-stage cancer.  I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a look at my HERA fundraising site, learn a little more about the disease, and then consider making a donation.  ANY amount would help.  Thanks.

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