FE labels for Catholics and "Non Catholics" err Protestants.
(06-09-2011, 04:29 PM)charlesh Wrote: Trying to tag these labels on specific groups will get you nowhere. There is no continuum of groups, e.g. Novus Ordo -> FSSP -> SSPX -> CMRI, as if it's a sliding scale from legitimacy to illegitimacy. Each group has reached a reasonable position based on theological arguments, and these arguments cannot always be understood in the same framework. Moreover, within each group, the individuals associated with them differ, public relations aside.

For example, you can have a bishop "in good standing" who is a total apostate. You can have a sede priest who is completely orthodox. Whether he's schismatic or not is up for debate (but not here on Fisheaters), but you have this strange situation where the apostate is in good standing and the Catholic is expelled. Which one deserves the agit-prop tag "ultra" or "radical"? What gets more weight, obedience or dogma? Because today you can't always have both.

As far as the sedes, Catholics who call themselves traditionalists would be on more stable ground, intellectually, by not demonizing them. Especially SSPXers, who claim to recognize the Pope yet act as if they have more authority than him to decide what's Tradition and what isn't. You'd think the CMRI and the SSPX would be on speaking terms.

Very well said.

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