What's good about the Novus Ordo Mass?
I think it is high time to try and approach the differences between the Mass of All Ages which we all love, and the New Mass from a different angle.

I'm not talking about the "Spirit" of Vatican II that led to all the abuses we have all discussed ad nauseum. Let's pretend the Mass was done as the documents suggested.

1) Increased Lay Participation meant saying the Latin responses.

2) Still celebrated Ad Orientem.

3) Nowhere in the documents did it say to sing Protestant type hymns. In fact, Gregorian Chant was not to be abandoned.

You get the idea. Assuming this happened and a bunch of wild cats did not go crazy, what could have been some good aspects? I'll answer mine in the next post as my browser does not let me type much past the box without going into kinipshin fits.

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