Why does everyone blame God when bad things happen?
A married couple has one child after years of barrenness and finally a miracle happens. At 6 years of age, the child becomes ill with leukemia and dies. People say things like "the Lord works in mysterious ways" when heartbreak like this occurs and sometimes, I think it is more cruel than helpful. I want people to come back to the Catholic Church, not turn them away.

It seems that the omnipotence of God could acknowledge a fierce struggle between good and evil in the middle but eventual victory for Jesus Christ in the end. Can't demons hurt people too, by taking people's children away or possession? Why does everyone blame God when hurtful things happen?

I've been told my views on this aren't correct by other Catholics but I don't understand why. I thought we fought against dark powers from above and that demons hate human beings, especially Catholics, because God chose to become one of us.

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Why does everyone blame God when bad things happen? - by mistman - 06-11-2011, 10:17 PM

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