Why does everyone blame God when bad things happen?
(06-18-2011, 10:46 AM)Gregory I Wrote: Suarez was no friend to Augustinians.

... which a Catholic is free to be.

Regardless, I adhere to the Thomistic understanding of the Limbo of the Infants which states:

(A) The only punishment unbaptized infants endure is the deprivation of the Beatific Vision
(B) Punishment is proportionate to fault. Sensible pain is due to actual sins and, having died before having committed any actual sin, these infants do not deserve that suffering.
© The privation of the Beatific Vision is not a source of pain for unbaptized infants. These souls have no knowledge of the supernatural destiny they have missed, this knowledge being itself supernatural, and as such not included in what is naturally due to the separated soul. ("no wise man grieves for being unable to fly like a bird.")
(D) Unbaptized infants enjoy natural happiness.

Read post #58 for citations.

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