Cafeteria Catholic Parents of Trad Adults
(06-16-2011, 06:54 AM)OCLittleFlower Wrote: Thanks, Jaca.

I'm a little reluctant to pull the "don't you want to know your grandchildren?" card, since her parents both died when her first child (my husband) was an infant.  I don't want to drag up a whole mess of stuff and have her resent me for that -- and from what I understand, she's never emotionally recovered from her parents' sudden deaths.  I guess I do cut her slack because of that, but at the same time there's nothing that grants people a free pass to treat other people poorly forever.

I also don't know if I can pull the Church teaching card, unless it is simply to say that children and family are the primary aim of marriage.  It isn't like she's telling us to contracept -- she's telling us not to plan and apply for adoption, and trying to push me back into college. 

She also wants to tack on all these extra goals that either a) don't matter or b) don't have anything to do with having kids or not.  For example, she wants my husband to focus on building his career -- yeah, well, guess what?  He's doing that.  The man works hard.  Just got promoted at his most recent review.   With me not working, he will still be able to work hard and rise up the ladder, even after we have kids.  And, with no career plans -- there's no point in my going back to college.
Yeah, I hear you. All that makes sense.
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