Variations in SSPX and diocesan Mass
(06-24-2011, 10:38 AM)RomanitasPress Wrote: It should first be stated that THERE ARE RUBRICS FOR HOW THE FAITHFUL SHOULD ACT AT MASS; they generally follow those for the clergy in choir. This can be read in The Celebration of Mass: A Study of the Roman Missal ( by J.B. O'Connell () and others (e.g., Fortescue -, and Callewaert -

As for the theological and philosophical reasons for why this is done, cf. this excellent article:

But if that is true, why do you quote articles and studies?  Why not just quote the rubrics?

You referenced valuable sources, but they seem to go by certain (good and true) interpretative principles: the congregation should be like the servers sometimes, or should be like the choir sometimes, or should be silent and and kneel at certain obvious times, should mimic the priest's actions sometimes and not other times, and so on ...

but I don't think there are any rubrics actually telling the congreation to do or not do anything ...

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