Jimmy Akin has CORAPI All Figured Out!
(06-24-2011, 02:37 AM)Vincentius Wrote:
(06-23-2011, 12:00 AM)The_Harlequin_King Wrote: Hey, no need to bash Battlestar Galactica.

It's open season on Akin and his ilk, though.

They are the Catholic "apologists" of the conciliar church, a designation appropriated by them when they crossed the Tiber and entered the Church.  Not that the N.O. has its own apologists, but it seems that these are or were considered "prominent" Evangelicals who, by virtue of their conversion, the Church welcomed them with arms, wider than they would have welcomed the unknown, sincere, repentant new Catholic, and by that consideration -- these converts (quasi-Catholics, have screamed "Hey, we left our false churches and joined yours but now we don't have a living" --  the conciliarists, notably EWTN, TAN, et al., were obligated to give them support and careers such professors in Catholic universities.  Now that thet are firmly entrenched in their new calling (they are now bona fide citizens of the City of God, and been given carte blanch), they churn out books, give talks and seminars, etc., which has VERY LITTTLE to do with the true Catholic faith and the primary teaching of the salvation of souls, and the faithful sheeple are following them blindly.  I have had a repartee with Shea about his "catholicism":  first that he refers to non-neoCatholics, like himself, as "those traditionalists," and not being able to understand what Summorum Pontificum is all about, criticized the Latin Mass and compared it with one's obssession for "old shoes"  (look up his article  "Some Thoughts on Motu Proprio Mania"), but then also he has attacked Robert Sungenis, Fr. Kramer, Wm. Oddie, and others (Fr. Corapi of course), as well as discoursed on the Jews who he claims still have their Old Covenant with God that has not been abrogated. 
This is some raw truth that someone needed to write.

A certain other ‘Catholic’ forum, the one that frequently floods your inbox with invitations to wildly expensive cruises and donation appeals, is a nesting ground of ‘former’ Protestants who converted within the Novus Ordo rite.

If someone looks at the tone of the postings, you effortlessly ascertain that many, many of these people have not changed their Protestant theology.  Crypto-Universalism is common, but so is more overtly disturbing things like ‘I remain Lutheran though I am Catholic – And I’m in Seminary!

Questions that should be answered by a sensus catholicus are excruciatingly drawn out.  A simple ‘no’ to ‘Can I go to my daughter’s/son’s ‘wedding’ with another woman/man’ becomes a long discussion.

What we have is a rotten pea soup of Novus Ordo liturgical emptiness becoming a cloud of interpretive theology, by ex-lay Protestants with no education in the subject.  Added to this paste is phenomenology as a corrosive agent; this supplants the genuine mystical and supernatural and directs us down the paths of sciencism, cynicism, and ultimately when sensory stimulation fails to satiate, despair and nihilism.

Now, within this band of converts to the Faith are, as Vincentius points out, ‘professional’ lay Catholics who, for the most part, do not have theological training but nonetheless are paid by the establishment, mainstream Church mechanism. 

Michael Voris routed these NeoCatholic professionals with this crisp assertion; the Mark Sheas, Scott Hahns, and Deacon Greg Kandras know that this niche cottage industry only works on volume.  Therefore, they make nice with the Bishops, especially the lukewarm so-called conservatives who change absolutely nothing, in order that they are able to hit the circuit and peddle their wares at annual diocesan congresses, going parish to parish, or appearing on the radio.

These people however still remain very Protestantesque because they represent the Faith as cheesy smiles, giggles, and beams of sunshine.  They operate within a template of soft-Once save, always saved by always framing things in terms of ‘my conversion.’  Couched as such, it would appear that once one converts to the Catholic faith he is incapable of committing a mortal sin.

When someone does attract negative attention, they figuratively burn him or in a real sense banish him, guilty or not.

They hate traditionalists because we are constant reminders that since the 1960s, the Church’s visible parts have crumbled and that theology has been warped into heterodoxy and outright heresy.  Instead of acknowledging something is wrong, they gleefully join hands, no matter how much they protest otherwise, with the flaming liberals proclaiming a new Gospel.  NeoCatholics do not defend the Crusades and argue that it was wrong for there to be state Churches (that is, the Catholic faith as the official religion.)  They impugn the known truth by calling our current situation a ‘Springtime.’ 

Sure, a Springtime in hell perhaps, but not here on Earth.

These types of people are so shallow and soft that at the slightest inconvenience, they will, to paraphrase Michael Voris, ‘wither.’  Once the American System collapses into the fable that it is, there will be no room for pulp theology material sales.  Similarly, once the diocesan structure falls apart and checks no longer go out, I seriously wonder just how long many of these prominent professional lay Catholics will remain Catholic.

I would love to do a study of RCIA Novus Ordo rite converts and determine where they are five years after their Confirmations.  I strongly suspect a majority no longer attend Mass and are not practicing the Faith.

This is because they are not taught the Faith authentically.  Scott Hahn type converts join the Church because it fits their world view (the Protestantized Novus Ordo liturgy is appealing to him.)  As our Lord said, some seed will scatter across rocky ground and after sprouting, will die.  The Faith as typically conveyed in the Novus Ordo rite has little substance and thus offers little in times of trouble or simply to grow as a Catholic.

But perhaps now is a new Springtime.  As the visible Church autodestructs due to homosexuality, Modernism, Liberalism, and a Protestantized Mass and professional lay guild of Protestantesques, now is a period in time that those who truly seek to support the Church and live according the timeless Faith are being given a choice.  Demographics dictate and anecdotal experience shows that in one generation’s time, Traditionalists will account for a substantial portion of the remaining Church.   

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