The SSPX Talks With Rome Are Not a Failure
(07-27-2011, 05:04 PM)ggreg Wrote: And my point is that it is meaningless to say that a construct is infallible.   Because it is like trying to nail down Jello.

We complain that the modernists don't commit to any useful language or that B16 talks out of both sides of his mouth, and, yet, we say that this intangible invisible construct called "The Church" cannot err.

Fine.  But when all we can see, touch, hear and smell does err (and bugger adolescent boys with the cover-up of the Pope for 20 years) then how useful or beneficial is it that this construct is still in perfect harmony with the Creator of all things  Jesus left us an unerring Church we cannot usefully interact with.

Can I as a creature made of atoms, go and find a respectful and dignified sacrifice of the mass that the construct once told me was declared and define as the mass of all ages?  No, because just about every Churchman won't say it. The construct cannot say the mass for me.  Men have to do that and most of them don't have the same faith as me or my grandpa or his grandpa before him.

Can the construct teach my children their faith?  No, erring humans need to do that too.

I go back to my police and teachers example.  When something that legitimately governs humans, especially something claiming indefectability, does not do the prime thing it is supposed to do, then it ceases to have legitimacy.  I don't see why just because policemen and teacher only operate in the temporal and the Church operates in the temporal and spiritual that they have a get-out-of-jail-free card and don't need to follow their primary purpose.

If you want to claim that the invisible intangible mysterious part of the Church still has it then there is no way anyone could prove otherwise because you cannot show them what defines this mysterious jello blob.  I'm not saying it hasn't.  Just that there is no way to know.

Using reason and rationality it would appear to me that to believe in something purely because of faith when it contradicted reason, was unreasoned.  And once I go down that rabbit hole I could end up happy in a mental asylum believing I was the Queen of Sheeba.

So you think there is a problem with the belief that the Church is Infallible?

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